In his work, Vincent Abadie Hafez pursues an open and non-restrictive approach. He intervenes in public spaces by creating contextualised works, which are significantly inspired by their territory of implementation and the social experience to be seized. He carries out a production of multiform workshops, more and more often in volumes. Considering the matter in its relation to time and memory, he explores its methods of re-use by mobilising artisanal techniques (marquetry, copper work, etching). Through these rich and evolving fields of intervention, he leads an initial reflection on the notions of heritage and transmission. Confronted with radical scale variations, he maintains an entire expressive freedom in his work of abstraction of Arabic and Latin characters generating symbolic representations. The beautiful writing becomes material to produce universally valid meanings, seeking to revive humanity in its quest for unity and harmony with the living. The plastic processing of the alphabets, raises the question of multiple identities and questions our ability to build common mythologies. This aesthetic research promises the production of new, cosmopolitan and resilient stories in response to the aspirations of an era trapped in the mechanisms of withdrawal.

Selected Works