Urban jealousy

David Bloch Gallery

Marrakech, MA

6 Oct – 5 Nov 2017


David Bloch Gallery

8bis rue des Vieux Marrakchis, 40000 Marrakech (Morocco)

T. +212 5 24 45 75 95

Urban jealousy, exposition David Bloch Gallery, peinture murale


David Bloch gallery presents a new solo exhibition by Vincent Abadie Hafez in Marrakech – resident artist since 2010. Following a traditional residence in Marrakech, Vincent Abadie Hafez will offer a proteiform exhibition – canvases, papers and bas-reliefs. A monumental installation will also be performed on site. The artist will take us in his graphic universe through works marked by his universal and timeless language.


“I became an architect of a modern city invaded by a binary stream, organizing these fragments of letters. Composing an architecture made up of protoalphabets. And also orchestra conductor of the invisible world of the waves, which on all sides keep crossing us. As a result, windows with pale light with a view of a pixel world where the City – Life – are transformed into algorithms. These modern screens, jealousies or moucharabiehs present the contemporary aspect of the desired voyeurism, at the confluences of the connection with the human and its congeners, but also of the rapidity at which all this comes to life. “Urban Jealousy” is an allegory of this acceleration. It is a study that is an anthropological one, and by the yardstick of oneself. At a time when one monitors the behaviors of others, desires, we tend to forget to converge towards ourselves. “


© Text et images : David Bloch Gallery, Vincent Abadie Hafez


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